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Home / Resources / Captain's Prizegiving Report for 2023
Home / Resources / Captain's Prizegiving Report for 2023

Captain's Prizegiving Report for 2023

Captain's Prize Giving 4 November 2023 Report

Hosted by Niall Parkes Acting Captain and RTC Principal John Lewis

John Lewis - Summary

Across 2023 we delivered AI Training / Club Race officer / RIB WOW refresher / PB Refresher / PBL2 Courses, SB course.

Unfortunately, Discover Sailing did not introduce many new members or juniors for two weeks of beginners courses.

We had lower than usual no.s for 3 weeks of YSS courses and 1 Start racing.

We were unable to gain availability / traction from SIs for an Adult Sailing course.

That said our core of junior sailors made great progress. We confirmed 4 x AIs in house.

Achievements as Instructors, Coaches and courses as follows:

1 x RYA Senior Instructor: Michael Rock

2 x RYA Race Coach L2: Holly McConnell & Daniel Corbett

4 x RYA Assistant Instructors: Olivia Delaney, Alita Taylor, Calum Pollard, Luke Simpson

RYA Youth Sailing Scheme

Stage 1 = 4

Progress towards next stages of YSS = 7

RYA Stage 2 = 3

RYA Stage 3 = 7

RYA Stage 4 = 1

RYA YSS = Total of 15

RYA Start Racing = 3

Progress towards Start Racing = 4

RYA PowerBoat L2 = 4 (April 23)

Paula Connolly - CAYC

Olivia McGarry - CSBC

Lucy Clements Past Member / External

Fredrick Houlker External

RYA Powerboat L2 External

Wavelength course at Carrickfergus

Alita Taylor, Olivia & Ryan Delaney

RYA Safety Boat = 8 (October)

Darryl Redmond, Mike Halliday, Holly MCConnell

Robert Geraghy, Stephen Tate, Lagan Search & Rescue

Drew, Dave, Alan from BLS

RYA Powerboat L2 27-29Oct

Matthew Tweed, Elliott McKeegan

Rowan McConkey, Luke Simpson

RYA Powerboat L2 Part 1

27 & 30 Oct

Due to Sailing schedule, successfully completed so far with to come for Rory and Calum.

I have mentioned how proud we are of our junior Sailors

However, we would be remiss not to mention many others, Junior, Youth, U25 and Adult Sailors achievements.

Members of CAYC are fantastic ambassadors with many moving in the wider spheres of sailing.

Names you will be familiar with:

Junior Youth U25


Ellen Barbour teamed up as crew 49er with Irish Sailing Campaigning for 2028

Jenna Reid also 49er IS training squad

Daniel Corbett raced the Waszp and keel boats

Rory Pollard transitioned to ILCA 6

Calum Pollard - Transition to Topper 5.3

Luke Simpson Topper 5.3 transitioned after an extremely successful season at the tail end into ILCA 4. More details on his results to follow.

Travellers, Nationals and for some Worlds and Provincials across UK, Ireland and Europe.

Extensive training and travelling by all.

Adults at Competitive Events

Jocelyn Hill & Emily Hill RS200 / RS400

Bryan Willis & John McPeake Flying15

David McFarland & Rose White VX1

Gavin Pollard and "Team Pollard" in Sports boats too

Detail RS Travellers and over all 1st RS200 series

Flying15 events and Classic

Regatta wins

Ellen McCarlie Keel Boat success with James Waugh in Palma.

Daniel & Jenna also crewing on keelboat - Elixir.

Apologies to those we may have missed

As a RTC and RYA affiliated Club

Awareness Earlier this year a submission was

made for RYA Outstanding Contribution Award

for contribution over 10 years as a RYA

Powerboat and Senior Sailing Instructor and

as our Safety officer at CAYC & additionally

supporting BLS and becoming their RYA Training

Centre Principal

Richard Robinson

RYA Rediscover Day & Discover

Sailing Day & Kayaking

Re-ignited a small number of youth sailors back into

the activity for 2023, this worked well.

An average to good attendance of bookings on Sailing and


Membership engagement and format worked well in spending

time with visitors in a more structured programme. However, a little disappointing on attracting new junior or Family members

RYA Race Coaching theory/on the water

Sail Training

Thanks to Daniel Corbett, Ellen Barbour, Holly McConnell

Sheela Lewis. Adhoc as Gavin pops out in rubber duck too.

Thanks to Kate for sail training, although the weather was

often not aligned to when we did have resources which

limited the programme at weekends.

Too much or too little wind!

RYA Instructors PB & Safety Boat training section

Youth Sailing Scheme

Powerboat L2 & Safety boat courses.

Summer courses - Michael Rock, Jenna Reid,

Holly McConnell, Daniel Corbett, Emily Hill, Caitlan MacManus,

Charlie O'Malley & Louise Leonard)

Rory Pollard, Calum Pollard, Luke Simpson, Olivia Delaney,

Alita Taylor. Ryan Delaney. Total 14 Instructors and helpers

were all paid on these courses.

Sheela, Heather and Kate in April - all volunteered their time,

no fees taken assisting in the funds to maintain our Safety

boat fleet for Events and Training. Also increasing our

Members workforce with appropriately training volunteers.

Skippy, Sheela, Kate, John(myself), Colin - Oct / November -


all volunteered their time and we appreciated also volunteer

sailors Luke Simpson and

Olivia Delaney.

To recognise this significant input of Instructor volunteer time

John invited Kate, Heather and Colin to come

forward to take receipt of our thanks for their

support on particularly the RYA PBL2 and

Safety Boat courses in the last 12 months

Our Volunteers inside and outside of Club

support the larger events too

Race Management Team NRO - Sheela, with support from

Michelle, Greg, Anneke, Steffi, Jenny, Claire Pollard, Ann, Kate.

Roles, Timekeeper, sound and flag signalling, scribing

Events - Topper Traveller, Topper Northerns,

Topper Nationals, BLS - Regatta and our own 3 day F15 event

Mark Layers and Safety/Support RIBs Skippy, Simon, Gavin,

Shane, Mike, Ross, Kate and many many others.

CV - Rory McKenna with his lovely ELAN made it possible

for us to deliver the FF Event.

Rory continues to work away behind the scenes to

maintain Club Boats and RIBs.

CV David Mitchell for the Topper Traveller Event.

As we closed out our summer season the fruits of everyone's labour came to the fore.

As Juniors had either their own boats or leased or hired Club Toppers, the Club had a fantastic representation at

The RYA NI Youth Champs.

Proud to recognise the following 13 sailors who attended RYA NI Youth Champs winning races, main fleets and regatta fleets, some for the first time and achieved overall performance 2nd Club after BYC

Results were published.

John also covered off the significant completion that has taken place for Juniors at provincial, National and world stage.


In 2023 the following young sailor received M&EA

Junior Award,

*** RYA NI & Irish Sailing Awards - Calum Pollard was shortlisted in the Young sailor of the year.***

*** Mid & east Antrim - MEA Sports Awards 2023 - Junior Sportsperson of the year celebrating his 2022 successes: ITCA 4.2 World Champion, 4.2 Irish Champion and 2021/22 Topper 4.2 Series Champion ***

Calum transitioned from the 4.2 to the larger

5.3 sail and my goodness "hit the ground running!"

He achieved Gold Fleet qualification at the Worlds 2023

Topper Traveller - SLYC - Calum Pollard 3rd overall and 2nd Junior

Calum Pollard was 48th having made the Gold Fleet in the 5.3 Topper.

Irish Topper Nationals 7-9 July : Calum Pollard also found success in achieving: 3rd Junior Male at the weekend in the Topper 5.3. Overall 20th in the fleet of 60 dinghies.

Topper Southern Champs in Wexford Calum Pollard, 3rd Junior Male.

Topper Traveller - Calum Pollard 3rd overall, 2nd Junior,

Topper Northern Championship - Calum Pollard, 7th overall and 3rd Junior male.

So we present him with the Duff Challenge cup in recognition of this very successful season.

Calum Pollard


Recongition Awards

Sailor / Boating /General

The Junior Cup goes once again this year to this individual in recognition of significant development and travel all around Ireland, to Worlds in Cork, then Wales. He qualified for Gold Fleet, finished 6th overall.

Topper British Nationals - Luke Simpson 3rd overall. 1st Junior Male

Topper Worlds - Luke Simpson was 6th overall,

Irish Topper Nationals 7-9 July : 3rd overall, 2nd Youth Male in the fleet of 60 dinghies.

overall 1st place Champion in the Topper 5.3 Irish Series.

Topper Southern Champs in Wexford 1st overall for Luke Simpson

Topper Traveller - Skerries - 2nd overall and 1st Male for Luke Simpson

Topper Traveller - CAYC - 1st Place for Luke Simpson,

Topper Northern Championship - CSC - Luke Simpson 2nd overall and 1st Youth Male,

Topper Winters at Lough Derg - 1st overall for Luke Simpson

Luke Simpson


(Memorial Challenge)

Finally a note on couple of successes going from 2023

into 2024.

Recognition that both Rory and Calum have been successfully confirmed as part of the RYA NI Performance Pathway Squad- ILCA and Topper respectively.

Congrats to both, they work hard and our conscientious in terms of sport and study.

We 'll hear more on this with regard to Club racing shortly

PART 2 Niall Parkes with Joanne assisting.

Spring Points Series no Sponsor


Helm / Crew


Laser /PY Fleet


Jenny Lewis

Ladies Sailing Trophy

Perpetual Challenge Bowl

& Glass

Laser /ILCA7


John Lewis

Bottle of White Wine

Laser 2000


Johnny Hamilton & Virgina McVea




Luke Simpson

Commodore's Cup & Gold Medal

Opening Day F15 Class


Helm / Crew


Flying Fifteen Fleet


Rory McKenna & Marion Graham

Ladies Committee Trophy

& Glass

Early Sunday Series Sponsored by Pragmatic Insights


Helm / Crew




Stephen Foster & Dickie Henning

Challenge Trophy & Glass



Luke Simpson

William Shaw Memorial Cup

Rooster Dry Bag



Rory Pollard

Gold Medal

Early Wednesday Series no Sponsor




Flying 15


Stephen Foster & Richard Henning

Bottle of Red wine



Rory Pollard

Laser Perpetual Rose Bowl &

Gold Medal



Steven Canning


Late Sunday Series Ewing's Belfast Fishmongers






Stephen Foster & Richard Henning

Calwell Cup & Glass



On equal points with 1st place

Charley Brown Crew

Colin Daysh & Ann Woods

2 x Glasses



Rory Pollard

Sailing Committee Trophy &

Rooster Dry Bag

Laser /ILCA6


Jenny Lewis


Laser / ILCA6


Jonathan Wilson




Calum Pollard

Landsmen's Cup & gold medal



Aoife Pollard

Silver Medal



Matthew Tweed

Silver Medal

Late Wednesday Series Sponsored by Cleaver & Steel Butchers






Ronnie Foster Claire Foster-Sharpe &

Maurice Porter

Yachtsmen's Cup & 2 Glasses

Flying 15

(Silver Fleet)



Ross Fielden & Jen Fielden/ Mike Halliday

Silver Fleet Flying Fifteen

Plaque & 2 Glasses



John Lewis

Bottle of White Wine

Laser /ILCA6


Rory Pollard

Silver Medal



Calum Pollard

Gold Medal



Ben Simpson

Silver Medal

Regatta Day - Sponsored by Tweeds

Sheela Lewis & Ann Woods

McCalmont Trophy

(Regatta Day)

Autumn Series Sponsored DJ Systems




PY Fleet - ILCA6


Rory Pollard

Rooster Gloves

Topper 5.3


Calum Pollard

Rooster Beanie

Topper to Laser

Matthew Tweed

CAYC Regatta Shield in recognition

of this during Autumn Series.

Volunteer Recognition Additional General thanks to all Committee members

Co-ordination roles throughout the season of

duty roles, supporting sailing and PB in every form

Volunteer cover including :

  1. Waterfest
  2. Regatta

including resources for mark laying and Refreshments

adds up to significant hrs of service into the Club

All the member volunteers in manning Safety boats and RO's

in the Battery for every points series.

Particularly the Sailing Committee members who attend

each month and keep activities on track and club resources


Regatta Day Steven Canning and all

of the Team (Extra thanks on Project manager of Boiler)

Crystal Whiskey Glass with Club logo

1st Officer Shane for managing the Slip Rota, backing up

Safety cover as required. hat strap & buff?

2nd Officer Ross is always on hand to assist.

Flask and XL Gloves

and all who keep the slip clean it's a difficult task and much appreciated To ensure it is safe for all our activities.

Marion and volunteer Teams on catering at Events Topper,

Regatta, BBQ Waterfest, Flying15 pre and post racing.

Rory McKenna Committee Vessel for 3 days

Flying Fifteen Event. (Not in attendance)

Flying Fifteen Event M&EA Support

Regatta Tweeds

Waterfest SPAR, NIHE, Clanmil etc

all volunteers

Huge thanks to all volunteers and particularly our sponsors profits are directed back into the Club. E.g. over £1K from FF into Boiler project Covering the Racing to onshore refreshments everyone doing their bit.

Supported by Mid & East Antrim Borough Council

which helps us cover the expenditures

Clanmil / NIHE

Now some recognition to those young sailors that have not received a prize of award this evening,

but who are very much part of the

Junior Team and who have contributed to this season, as AIs or helpers, or developing their racing skills

Medals for each 2023 Junior Sailing Team

Lucy Maxwell, Ben Halliday, Sara Halliday

Joel Parkes, Grace Hasler, Isaac McConkey

Alita Taylor, Olivia Delaney

Ryan Delaney, Rowan McConkey,

Finally some awards to be made that in many ways represent what the Club has achieved over

the season. Development of Juniors and the fun they have had.

Ben Simpson significant progress from undertaking YSS stage 1 last year to achieving YSS 2&3. Racing this latter half of the season and winning the Regatta Fleet at RYA Youth Champs. Ben has encouraged his friends to go sailing too

Ian Maxwell Trophy

Lucy Maxwell - she has made great progress and always with a smile or with great concentration expressed ! Lucy is one of many who attended the Youth Champs and ultimately Lucy is always cheerful so what better trophy to be awarded The Roger Kernaghan trophy.

Jolly Roger Trophy

Ben Halliday He completed his stage1 this summer. Although a novice, Ben has been brave enough and keen to go solo sailing in a Topper and enjoyed these experiences. Ben is also a superb volunteer onshore as seen at the Discover sailing, Summer BBQ and other Club activities. He's a real credit to his family. He and they can be so proud of his achievements.

Robert Auld Cup (BRAVERY CUP)

Special Award 2023 to Sheela Lewis

Niall to present

2018 Gavin & Claire Pollard

2019 Llenore Coles

2020 N/A Pandemic

2021 Kate Delaney

2022 Steffi Lewis

2023 Sheela Lewis

Diane Todd Memorial Cup

Finally Niall's personal recognition of others and/or fun prizes.

See Slides & Photos

Last updated 16:33 on 9 March 2024

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