Opening Day

Saturday 30 April 2016 – Opening day

This Event has been marred by poor weather over the past couple of years… May be this year will be different.

Racing will follow the this Format for 2 Races back to back

Warning signal is at 14:30

14:30   Warning signal                       Display Code flag “E”

14:32   Preparatory signal                  Display Code flag “P  Blue Peter”  & Display “F” as this is the Warning signal for the next Fleet

14:34    Flying15 start                         Remove Code flag “E” & Display Flag “G”

14:36   Laser & G’Handicap start        Remove Code flag “F”

14:38   Topper & others start             Remove Code flag “G” & “P Blue Peter”


Rest of the normal Sailing Instructions apply

Courses are as per the Club Courses