Opening Day

Opening day – 5th May 2019

This Event has been marred by poor weather over the past couple of years… May be this year will be different.

Racing will follow the this Format for 2 Races back to back – TBC – otherwise the single race follows Warning signal at 15:00

If two race event

Warning signal is at 14:30

14:30   Warning signal                       Display Code flag “E”

14:32   Preparatory signal                  Display Code flag “P  Blue Peter”  & Display “F” as this is the Warning signal for the next Fleet

14:34    Flying15 start                         Remove Code flag “E” & Display Flag “G”

14:36   Laser & G’Handicap start        Remove Code flag “F”

14:38   Topper & others start             Remove Code flag “G” & “P Blue Peter”


Rest of the normal Sailing Instructions apply

Courses are as per the Club Courses