Slip Cleaning Rota/Tide Tables

Slipway Cleaning Rota 2019

Note : If you’re not available during your allocated week please arrange to change with someone else.

A copy will be on display in “Winch Hut” to log activity. Contact the 1st Officer : Ian McConnell if any issues are to be reported with regard to a risk assessment of the slip condition at any point throughout the season.

Contact no.s are shared on the private email DL to each volunteer.




Low tide(Thurs)

For info only.

    Mon 11th March 09:54 Lenny Entwistle
Mon 25th March


10.43 Mark McCrea
Mon 1st April


16.49 David Jamison
Mon 15th April


            16.18 Harry Armstrong
Mon 29th April


15.43 Richard Robinson
Mon 13th May


15.10 Peter Darragh
Mon 27th May


14.26 Shane McManus
Mon 10th June


13.52 Paul Barbour
Mon 24th June


12.44 Ian McConnell
Mon 8th July


12.20 Richard Todd
Mon 22nd July


10.28 Paul Abraham
Mon 5th August


10.37 Gavin Pollard
Mon 19th August


08.54 Ben Ferris
Mon 2nd September


09.01 Brian Corbett
Mon 16th September


07.39 Francis Rock
Mon 30th September


07.41 Niall Parkes
Mon 14th October


         17.09 Graham Goldsworthy