Slip Cleaning Rota/Tide Tables

Slipway Cleaning Rota 2018

2018 – Belfast Harbour Tide Tables

Note : If you’re not available during your allocated week please arrange to change with someone else.

A copy will be on display in “Winch Hut” to log activity.

Contact the 1st Officer : Ian McConnell if any issues are to be reported with regard to a risk assessment of the slip condition at any point throughout the season.




Low tide(Thurs)

For info only.

Name Mobile No
    Mon 5th March 09:22 Jason Greenwood

(Joint with Lenny)

No.s on file sent to all

volunteers involved

Mon 5th March


09:22 Lenny Entwistle
Mon 19th March


08:09 Graeme Goldsworthy
Mon 2nd April


09:05 Harry Armstrong
Mon 16th April


08:09 Richard Robinson
Mon 30th April


20:14 Raymond Patton
Mon 14th May


19:28 Shane MacManus
Mon 28th May


19:11 Chris Livingstone
Mon 11th June


18:23 Simon Wheeler
Mon 25th June


18:11 Richard Todd
Mon 9th July


17:14 Paul Abraham
Mon 23th July


17:09 Gavin Pollard
Mon 6th August


16:04 Ian McConnell
Mon 20th Aug


16:04 Brian Corbett
Mon 3rd September


14:49 Francis Rock
Mon 17th Sept


14:41 Paul Barbour
Mon 1st Oct


          13:22 David Jamison