Social Media Policy


Full Policy Statement – Download

CAYC uses social media in the delivery of the club operational aims with regard to boating and all Club related activities. This recognises that those who are involved in its work may also use social media either as part of their role or in their private lives. A written policy is therefore required for all volunteers, members, staff and stakeholders on the acceptable use of social networking in marketing and communication of club activities.

 CAYC encourages the responsible use of social media. The purpose of this policy is to set out what the General Committee expects from within the Committee and from all of the volunteers when using social media. It is important to remember that we are all ambassadors for the Club and that social media is never private.

This policy is solely for volunteers, members and staff and aims to:

  • give clear guidelines on what volunteers, staff and members can say about the organisation;
  • comply with relevant legislation and protect volunteers, staff and members;
  • help Flag Officers and those with Roles of responsibility who monitor and manage the Club Social Mediums to ensure the use by others in an effective manner;
  • help volunteers, staff and members draw a line between their private lives, their volunteering and activities within the Club;
  • protect CAYC against liability for the actions of volunteers or Members or Staff;
  • be clear about sensitive issues such as monitoring and explain how problems with inappropriate use will be addressed.