SRC/VHF Information

SRC VHF Course information

Past courses held : Sunday 22 April 2017

Organised by – Richard Todd

Dave Comer  delivered course – 1 day and pre-requisites.

RYA SRC Manuals provided prior to course.

Assessment took place following Training and RYA Certs followed in post.

RYA Examination fee is £60 – Photograph required to send application to RYA

Classroom training & manual £60

Total cost per student £120 for club members / non members £150

Previous course held at CAYC – Saturday 23 February 2013 – 1 Day

Dave Comer will take this 1st course in the Clubhouse.

Includes DSC training

£30 Course fee / £30 Licence Fee – Total £60

Robert Logan has organised this course. 6 Places confirmed, a further 2 are in progress.

If candidates are not available, those next on the list will be contacted.

2nd Course date to be confirmed for those interested.

Useful Information

NIDIRECT – Radio Communications Information

RYA VHF Regulations Link to information

Club – Marine Radios

2 Fixed VHF/DSC Radios in the Humber RIBs have been Licenced and Call signs allocated.

Base stations:

A yacht club wishing to operate a base station, on channel M, M2 and 80, will require a Coastal Station Radio (CSR) Marina Licence which is intended for sailing or yacht clubs as well as commercial marinas and similar organisations. The Licence covers communications concerning the movement and berthing of pleasure craft and the control of races.

The CSR Marina Licence is renewable annually and is also available as a temporary licence, valid for up to 28 days to cover sporting and other special events. Applications should be made to the Ofcom Licensing Centre. As at May 2007, the fee is £75.00 for annual, and £20.00 for Temporary CSR Marina licences.Application forms are available at: