Good News …Sailing at CAYC is continuing to grow.

We have just completed the next 5 year development plan for the Club. Sailing is a major part of this as it is still one of our most important focal points within the Club to promote sailing.

The various dropdown sections on Boats on this site highlights the numbers within the classes.

  1. Flying15s are regularly sailing and we manage well on the moorings keeping a watchful eye on the weather forecast.
  2. Lasers : Standard, Radial & 4.7s are thriving within the Club
  3. Toppers: We have established a group of sailors who have matured well in this class, some ready for Lasers. We have a group who are in terms of racing , at the Start & Intermediate levels who will thrive in the early training sessions in the Spring.
  4. Optimists : Inspirational ! , last year two independant sailors regularly sailed, there was no pulling the wool over their eyes… was their course set, was it a bit too rough…. Nope.. they could see their white marks , they could have their dignhies carried out past the breaking 3 foot high waves !
  5. GP14s, Enterprises, Mirrors, Picos, these are all providing those new to sailing ( young and not so old ! )with a great opportunity to take part in club racing.