CAYC has further success with Grant Applications – 22 November 2013

As everyone is aware the Club had to find 25% of the cost of the Hardstanding Project as per the agreement with GROW South Antrim i.e. £32,500 with the overall cost being £130,000. This has been collected in from Club Savings, Membership Levies, Interest Free Loans and specific Fundraising Events during 2013 which have been well supported. There is a retention period of 1 year after which we are required to pay the contractor the final 5% of the cost of the project. The Club then has to claim the final allocation of match funding from GROW.

This will be completed by September 2014 at which stage the Club will be in a position to repay the interest free loans provided by a number of Members. With the money raised this year along with the match funding due from GROW, the Committee is pleased to advise that the Hardstanding Project has effectively been paid off which is tremendous.

A further grant application was submitted in August to GROW for a new 4.5M Rescue Boat, Engine, Road Trailer and Launching Trolley up to the value of £18,000. The Committee is delighted to announce that we have just been advised that our application has been successful with GROW paying 75% of the cost i.e. £13,500 which is more fabulous news. A tendering process is now underway with the Rescue Boat to be purchased by 28 February 2014. The Club therefore needs to pay £4,500 towards the new Boat. No doubt there will be a few fundraising events to help meet the Club’s match funding contribution and any ideas/suggestions will be gratefully received.

Many thanks to everyone for your continued support for the Club which is much appreciated and, ultimately, makes the difference when applying for these grants.

CAYC General Committee