BBQ Rota 2019

2019 – Published on behalf of the Commodore.

If the date allocated to you does not suit, please arrange to swap with someone else on the list
DATE Name Comments
Sun 5 May Ann and Brian Woods Opening Day
Sat 11 May Anne/Catherine & Kristine/Peter Push the Boat Out
Sun 12 May Michael Millar & Jim McNally
Sun 19 May Mark & Lynne McCrea
Sun 26 May Fiona & Gareth Nethercott
Sat 1 June Ben & Peter Portmuck BBQ/Sail
Sun 2 June Cecelia & David Jamison
Sun 9 June Topper Event
Sun 16 June Brian and Helen Corbett – TBC Junior Regatta
Sat 22 June Flying Fifteen Championships
Sun 23 June Flying Fifteen Championships
Sat 29 June Andy Best ,Paul & Andrea Midsummer BBQ
Sun 30 June Harry and Alison Armstrong
Sun 7 July Gillian & Ian McConnell
Sun 14 July Nigel and Victoria Tilson
Sat 20 July TBC Raft Race (Club Captain)
Sun 21 July Alice & Paul Barbour
Sun 28 July Joanne & Niall Parkes
Sat 3 Aug Andrea Abraham + team Regatta (Lady Commodore)
Sun 4 Aug Raymond & Darina Patton
Sun 11 Aug Jackie & Lenny Entwistle
Sun 18 August John Coles/Neal&Tom Rafferty
Sun 25 August Gabriella & Graeme Goldsworthy
Sat 31 August TBC Fun Day
Normally use large barrel charcoal barbeque in front of winch hut
Use folding white table stored in changing room corridor at wet entrance
Napkins, plates, sauces will be in kitchen
Please note that the burgers and sausages will now be cooked from frozen.  These take 10-12 minutes to cook.
We would advise that they are pre-ordered.  Products have been trialled, with no quality issues.
Prices Burger £2 Hot Dog £1.50
Float will be behind bar
Charcoal, lighter, matches etc will be in winch hut
Please bring chopped onions for heating in saucepan, salad optional
Please clean utensils and leave kitchen tidy


If your date doesn’t suit please arrange to swap dates with someone else on the list