Special Meeting 2012

For the attention of County Antrim Yacht Club Membership only
Please review the notice below and then the attached document (CAYC – Hardstanding Project 2012 – Update for Members )as this provides the background to this meeting.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Special Meeting of the County Antrim Yacht Club will be held in the Clubhouse on Thursday 6 September 2012

at 8.00 pm

By order of the General Committee


Julie Haveron

Honorary Secretary





At the start of the meeting there will be a presentation/overview of the proposed Hardstanding/Boat Storage project which will provide an opportunity for questions and answers.


Notices of Motion


1. To create a limited company in the name of County Antrim Yacht Club Ltd to operate in tandem with the existing County Antrim Yacht Club entity.


2. To appoint 3 directors (preference being 3 existing trustees) for County Antrim Yacht Club Ltd.


3. To implement in 2013 a Membership Contribution in addition to the annual membership fees to be used for the proposed Hardstanding/Boat Storage project. Payments to be collected by Direct Debit over a 10 month period January – October or by single payment for Members not already paying annual membership fees by Direct Debit. Monthly payment arrangements as follows:


Family Membership £15
Full Membership £10
Single Parent Membership £10
Lady Membership £5
Associate Membership £5
Overseas Membership £5


Pensioner, Lady Pensioner, Life, Student, Under 25 and Junior Membership categories are exempt.