How to join & fees

Guidelines to membership application & Fees for 2020

For any queries please email : (Sharon Allen)

Membership runs for a calendar year : January to December, regardless of when you joined the Club.

A Renewal Notice will be sent to the membership for details of the fees in 2020 – N.B. No increase was applied on fees at the AGM

LINK TO FILE: CAYC MEMBERSHIP FEES 2019 (displayed below)

New Members in the following categories receive a 50 % discount on the fee in their first year.

This applies to only 3 Types : Full, Family, Family single.

Before applying you should review the rules. Membership implies acceptance of the Club Rules and the Safeguarding Policy.

Select this link  to access CLUB RULES 2019 – Version:17 January 2019

Guide to applying for Membership

The Membership form must be completed in full.

Only one Proposer from the membership or one Referee is required on the form. The Criteria is set out on the form and in the rules

  1. Download  and complete CAYC Membership Form
  2. Download the Direct Debit Instructions for your Bank (pdf) Link ( this is mandatory)
  3. Complete both forms fully and gain appropriate details and signature from Proposer or Referee
  4. Send to the Hon.Secretary along with a cheque for the fee covering your first year, or post in box provided in Club
  5. N.B. The Direct debit is activated in Year 2, it must accompany the Application to be reviewed by the General Committee otherwise the Application will be considered incomplete.

Fees for 2020

At the Annual General Meeting in February 2019 – no fee increase was proposed for 2020. All  conditions remain as documented.

50 % reduction only applies to 3 membership types as shown in the 1st year and the DD is in operation for 2nd year

Type of Membership                                 Fees              Direct Debit Option JAN-APR          New Member Fees


Family * £211.00 4 Months @ £52.75 50% reduction in 1st year = £105.50
Single Parent Family £139.00 4 Months @ £34.75 50% reduction in 1st year = £69.50
Full (Single Adult) £121.00 4 Months @ £30.25 50% reduction in 1st year = £60.50
Pensioner (>65yrs) £60.00 4 Months @ £15.00 N/A
Associate (member of RYA Affiliate) £60.00 4 Months @ £15.00 N/A
Lady Membership (Prior to 1988) £53.00 4 Months @ £13.25 N/A
Lady Pensioner (Prior to 1988) £30.00 4 Months @ £  7.50 N/A
Student & Under 25 £30.00 4 Months @ £  7.50 N/A
Junior/Cadet (under 18) £18.50 N/A N/A
Overseas per member £12.50 N/A N/A

The 50% deduction is only applicable in 1st year to Family or Full Members (under 65)

All new members (with the exception of Junior/Overseas) must complete the direct debit form for collection of 2nd and subsequent years membership, and attach it to their membership application form, along with a cheque or cash for the appropriate 1st year fees in line with the above.

The Membership form must be completed in full.  Proposer by individual Member who has been a member of the Club for at least 1 full year. Or proposed by a person with a Professional status willing to be a referee as detailed on the Form and in the rules.

Family Membership* shall be open to all Full Members and shall consist of a single membership (1 vote) to include
husband/wife and two children under 18 years of age. (This membership type also applies to same sex couples)

Associate Membership is only applicable to Members of another RYA affiliated Club.

Lady Membership cannot be applied for. This membership type only applies to Ladies who joined CAYC prior to 1988 (A new rule was applied to ensure equality)

Safeguarding Notes:

N.B. Volunteers undertaking relevant roles in the regulated sector, e.g. schools, healthcare, nursing homes, childminders, are required by law to apply for Disclosures.  There is currently no legal requirement for other private or voluntary organisations to ask their staff or volunteers to apply for Disclosures.

However, it is accepted as good practice and the Club has this procedure written into the Safeguarding Procedures.  We therefore do ask members who in their volunteer or Instructing roles meet the criteria, to undergo the Access NI disclosure process under the umbrella of the Sport Governing Body – RYANI.


This is an important announcement for current Members: Jan 2018 onwards

In recent years the Membership form has looked to capture only the information we require to manage correspondents and ensure our Membership Listing is accurate.
Aligned to this is the method in which we manage and secure your data.

In the RTC Operating Procedures we have referred to the Data Protection Act and the best practice of data management. We are aware that with the replacement of the current Data Protection Act we need to formalise many of our administrative practices and ensure the Membership are made aware of the Policy governing this and we must show and capture evidence of your consent.

This is a requirement under legislation and aligned to the new GDPR law that came into force in May of 2018.
The General Committee requested all members to update us with  a renewal of membership form in 2018.
The purpose was to capture and look to ensure we have the correct information for each of our members and importantly, we shared the Club’s Policy for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).
This  enabled Members to review and provide their confirmation of having been given this and the Club sought to gain confirmation that the retention of member’s information whilst a member of the Club. It also covered how the Club handles Member information when they leave the Membership.

This Renewal Form and the GDPR policy was in a separate email following the ratification of the Policy by the General Committee on Thursday 11 January 2018.

The existing Membership form was also be updated to cover data protection, privacy requirements going forward.

General Committee 2018/2019