How to join & fees

Guidelines to membership application & Fees for 2017

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Renewal Notice sent to membership for details of the fees in 2017 —>cayc-membership-fees-2017-v1

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New Members in the following categories receive a 50 % discount on the fee in their first year.
This applies to only 3 Types : Full, Family, Family single.

Before applying you should review the rules. Membership implies acceptance of the Club Rules and the Safeguarding Policy.

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Guide to applying for Membership

The Membership form must be completed in full.  New rules apply from 2016.

Only one Proposer from the membership or one Referee is required on the form. The Criteria is set out on the form and in the rules

  1. Download  and complete CAYC Membership Form
  2. Download the Direct Debit Instructions for your Bank (pdf) Link ( this is mandatory)
  3. Complete both forms fully and gain appropriate details and signature from Proposer or Referee
  4. Send to the Hon.Secretary along with a cheque for the fee covering your first year, or post in box provided in Club
  5. N.B. The Direct debit is activated in Year 2, it must accompany the Application to be reviewed by the General Committee otherwise the Application will be considered incomplete.

Fees for 2017

At the Annual General Meeting in February 2016 -5% fee increase was to be applied to 2017. All other conditions remain as documented.

50 % reduction only applies to 3 membership types as shown in the 1st year and the DD is in operation for 2nd year


Type of Membership                                 Fees              Direct Debit Option                           New Member Fees

Family Membership £206.00 4 Months @ £51.50 50% reduction in 1st year = £103.00
Family Membership (Single Parent) £136.00 4 Months @ £34.00 50% reduction in 1st year = £68.00
Full Membership £118.00 4 Months @ £29.50 50% reduction in 1st year = £59.00
Full Membership (Pensioner >65yrs) £59.00 4 Months @ £14.75 N/A
Associate Membership £59.00 4 Months @ £14.75 N/A
Lady Membership (Prior to 1988) £52.00 4 Months @ £13.00 N/A
Lady Pensioner (Prior to 1988) £29.00 4 Months @ £  7.25 N/A
Student & Under 25 Membership £29.00 4 Months @ £  7.25 N/A
Junior/Cadet (under 18) Membership £18.00 N/A N/A
Overseas Membership £12.00 N/A N/A

Associate Membership (no discount) only applies where a new applicant is already a member of an RYA affiliated Club.

The Lady Membership type has not been open since 1988, only existing members who joined before this date have the option to utilise this and the associated pensioner rate aligned to it. Therefore the Membership form does not offer this type of membership, it only appears in the Fees listing.