Members Satisfaction Survey 2019

The Committee wish to express their sincere thanks to the Membership who took the time to complete the Survey.  The General Committee have received and reviewed the results of this Survey taking on-board the overall assessment.

Overall the Club has an above average Satisfaction score when compared with other Clubs. 87.3 %.

Please reference this link to see the full Survey Report of the assessment completed on our behalf. Notes to assist  An A3 colour copy is available to read on the main notice in the Club.

Overarching findings.

The main drivers to increasing further member satisfaction are to keep building upon these areas.

  • The club has a welcoming atmosphere
  • Approachability of people running the club
  • The club meeting your needs as a member

On the table you will see some small gaps that offer us areas to make improvements.

  • This presents not only the General Committee, but the membership with a very useful and reflective report.
  • The Committee Members have an action plan to address some key areas that we see will assist with the above.
  • We have chosen to focus initially on 4 topics and some of these have sub tasks for individuals to drive.
  • The Members returns have been honest, balanced, and open and the General Committee respects and appreciates this feedback.

Headline areas for focus: (many of these are interlinked)

  1. Engagement of New Members (Welcome, interests and on-going support)
  2. Communications (Club Operations, Social, Volunteering, signposts to useful info)
  3. Committee (Representation, Engagement, Roles & Action, Members & Volunteers)
  4. Resources & Facilities (Assets within the for Members use, recognition of Members needs and value of Volunteers)

The General Committee are keen to receive any additional feedback as Members review the Survey results. Thank-you.

General Committee

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