Volunteer Policy

CAYC Volunteer Policy – Introduction

Volunteers are an essential and invaluable part of the Yacht Club. We want people volunteering with us to do so within a positive and supportive environment.

 Key Principles

 CAYC volunteers are an essential and invaluable part of the club infrastructure, complementing and supporting the work of Instructors, Coaches, employed staff taking direction from the Roles within the General Committee (as elected by the membership). The Sailing Committee Volunteers are combination of General Committee and volunteers requested to join.

 CAYC volunteers are people who, of their own free will contribute their time, energy and skills to benefit our sport.

 CAYC volunteering is unpaid and there is no payment or expectation of payment. This is readily distinguishable from reimbursement of expenses, which ensures that volunteers are not out of pocket as a consequence of their volunteering.

 CAYC volunteers are a key group of individuals within the organisation and should be represented at all levels of decision making.

As a Clubmark accredited Club this is an important commitment in adopting this policy; CAYC’s purpose is to encourage best practice in volunteer management. This policy seeks to provide overall guidance and direction to its officers, members, employees and to demonstrate that CAYC recognises its obligations to its volunteers.

Please review the full Policy for more information on support and recognition. Download : CAYC Volunteer Policy 

The roles and responsibilities of the two main Committees’ Members may be found on this link: Volunteer R&R on Committees