Request use of Clubhouse/Event Policy

How to request the use of the Club Facilities

Awareness of the pre-requisites to be completed prior to and post event

  1. Request form / Host / No.s / Purpose of event / Tickets / List of attendees
  2. Scope of food preparation  and meals to be served at an Event
  3. Allergen checklist and Recipe of meals to be served
  4. SC8 All in one daily Record completed during/after event
  5. Club Event Summary of Attendee No.s Financial income and outgoings

The General Committee Rep to consult on Hygiene and Event form returns is the Rear Commodore.

Member’s Events

The Policy exists for utilising the Clubhouse by members for social events, parties for their fellow members or for siblings within their close family circle.

Community Organisations

Members may wish to sponsor an Organisation in their fundraising activities.  They should take part in the organisation and ownership of said event on the day.

Organisations may request the use of the Club and a review will assist in assigning a Sponsor from the membership if deemed appropriate by the General Committee.

An application must be made utilising the form appended to policy. It should be sent to the Club for the attention of the General committee.

Download: Guidelines & Application Form

Event Summary form – this must be completed for every Event

Return forms to Secretary for submission to the next General Committee Meeting. Standing agenda item to check this has been received.

CAYC Event Summary Template: Event Summary Form to pass to Hon.Secretary at Committee.

Food Hygiene Requirements – Forms that must be completed prior to and post Events involving serving of food

Return forms to Rear Commodore for submission to the next General Committee Meeting. Standing agenda item to check these have been received.

For the list if documents to be used please follow this link to the Food Hygiene page

Food Hygiene & Fire Policy

Useful Links

Food Standards Agency – Business Guidance

Allergen guide for review as required by Members

Think Allergy Poster