Try Coastal Rowing -14 April

Try Coastal Rowing – 14 April 2018

Session Times : 12:00 to 16:00

Update to the Registration process

What do I need to do/have for the Try Coastal Rowing event?

  1. Complete Medical Declaration /Consent form (Link to the form here). Bring this with you on the day.
  2. Non-members should complete a Membership Form (ignore  the fees requirement referee). Under 18s must have signed consent (Link to the Form here).  Bring this with you on the day.

(This gives you temporary membership for the event and covers insurance)

  1. All under 16s must be accompanied by a Parent or Loco Parentis as identified on form.
  2. There is no charge for rowing, but refreshments will be available (cash)
  3. Most people row in loose, comfortable clothing such as worn to the gym. You may need warm/waterproof/windproof layers, hat, gloves etc depending on the weather.
  4. You will be provided with a life jacket/buoyancy-aid (U18s) and instructions for use.
  5. Changing / Showering facilities available so bring a towel and a change of clothes.
  6. Footwear – you may get wet feet getting in and out of the boat. Wetsuit boots can be worn or a pair of trainers that you don’t mind getting wet.


You may have questions for us.  If so, contact us via at your soonest convenience. We will seek to provide guidance and answers where possible.

Depending on weather conditions, we may access the water from the slipway by Blackhead car park. This would involve a walk of approx 600m.

It is our aim to be as inclusive as possible. Having just started our venture into Coastal Rowing we still have some things to work out. This includes adaptive rowing. The physical location of the club may make some aspects of this impossible, others may just need a bit of time to adapt equipment and procedures.  If you think this may affect you please contact us and help us consider possible solutions.

CAYC is accessible by road and rail. The clubhouse is at the Belfast end of the Railway Station on the shore side. There is step free access to the club from Platform 1. Check with Translink what services use this platform.


Map to the Club & Promenade – Click to enlarge

Looking for a hobby, social activity, exercise, challenge, adventure?

Coastal Rowing has the possibility to offer you your vision and goals, whatever you want from it. No experience required. With instruction and equipment provided all you need to do is register and turn up. We’ll pair you up with an experienced crew who will show you how to row.

Think you can’t do it?  Think again. Although there is a lower age limit of 11, there is no upper age limit. We already have an inspirational bunch of novices, encompassing a full age and gender range. With a blind rower and two severely visually impaired athletes likely to be on the water that day, the only barriers may be the ones you set.

  1. Register your preferred session time on attached link :
  2. Then confirm with e-mail (required)

Full details will be posted on  We will provide any updates required.

Still not sure?  We strive to be inclusive and as accessible as our location permits.

Talk to us. How can we help you row?