RTC & Champion Club

RYA  – Recognised Training Centre & RYA Champion Club

Updates or changes to RYA requirements for training centres, instructors and courses are issued in the form of Training Notices and Training Guidance. RYA Link


County Antrim Yacht Club is affiliated to the RYA and has been operating as a RTC for over 30 years with a successful record of training activities.

Each year approx. 3-4 weeks of summer Youth Sailing Schemes  take place offering places to 40+ children from 8 yrs upwards.

National Sailing Schemes are also scheduled across evenings and weekends facilitating sail training for approx. 6-9 Adults.

With investment into developing sailing skills to racing skills the Club was awarded RYA Champion Club status and we now have a strong team of L2 Race Coaches delivering race training across 8-10 weekends throughout March, April, May & June. This is generally aimed towards juniors at stage 3/4 with a few years of sailing experience.

The Club has 5 x Toppers (3 of which were awarded by JMST Scheme). The 2x JMST Toppers have subsequently been loaned for a further year to members for their exclusive use.

2 x Picos, 2 x RS Visions, 1 xGP14, 1 x RS Feva that facilitate non boat owners to take part in sailing and racing activities.

In 2016 we added the 2 Visions to the Fleet and sold off two very old GP14s.

Powerboat L1/L2 and Safety Boat courses are run each year, usually facilitating at least 6 -9 members in this area. Our difficulty is the measure of our success in sailing in that finding a weekend to complete the course is difficult as the RIBs are often in use ! We are now targeting this training early or late in the season. We also secured a 4th RIB for the Club in 2015.

Around all of these activities the Club also promotes the ongoing training requirements for First Aid, Club Race Officers, Rules awareness and Safeguarding – Child Protection. This governance is also provided by our Clubmark accreditation awarded by SportNI. Re-validated in March 2016

Safeguarding Notes:

N.B. Volunteers undertaking relevant roles in the regulated sector, e.g. schools, healthcare, nursing homes, childminders, are required by law to apply for Disclosures.  There is currently no legal requirement for other private or voluntary organisations to ask their staff or volunteers to apply for Disclosures.

However, it is accepted as good practice and the Club has this procedure written into the Safeguarding Procedures.  We therefore do ask members who in their volunteer or Instructing roles meet the criteria, to undergo the Access NI disclosure process under the umbrella of the Sport Governing Body – RYANI.

Principal : John Lewis

Training & Administration : Sheela Lewis

  • * RTC Operating Procedures- Download
  • RTC Syllabus covered at CAYC – Download
  • RTC Housekeeping & Safety Checklist – Download
  • RTC H&S Policy –Download
  • RTC H&S Policy – Re-fueling Appendix A – Download
  • * RTC Risk Assessment –Download
  • * RTC Quick Risk Assessment Form – Download
  • RTC Safety_Incident Checklist – Download
  • RTC_CAYC Emergency Plan / Major Incident – Download
  • CAYC Safety Boat Guidance – Download*
  • CAYC Safety Boat Check List – Download

Updated January – March  2018 – Further updates 17 July 2018 Marked *

Safety / First Aid

All courses require students to complete a Medical / Consent form as part of the registration process.

If your child suffers a concussion  on a course or outside of the course, it is vitally important that you keep all people/organisations with responsibility for caring for your child informed so that they are aware of the potential dangers and any restrictions that may apply to the activities your child is permitted to do. The ‘Recognise and Remove’ leaflet produced by the Department of Education and the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure is available on the Department of Education’s website http://www.deni.gov.uk and provides guidance on the signs to look out for.  Link to Leaflet‘ :Recognise and Remove’

Keeping everyone informed about concussion is in your child’s best interests and parents/guardians have a key role in making sure that information is passed on to their sports coach, youth leader or other care provider.

RYA NI Youth Championships 2014, 2015 & 2016 – CAYC Sailors won the prestigious Club Trophy !

Junior and Youth Sailors numbering 21,17, 17 over the 3 years excelled in their various fleets, winning medals.

Senior Instructor (6): John Lewis, Colin de Fleury (Keelboat endorsed), Steffi Lewis, Jocelyn Hill, Scott Carse, Richard Robinson (Keelboat endorsed)

Dinghy Instructors (6): Hannah Robinson, Jenny Lewis, Henry Cavan, Timmy Robinson, Emily Hill and Andrew Mitchell (Alex Costley & Jack Entwistle to revalidate with First Aid Cert)

Level 2 Race Coaches (9):  Sheela Lewis, Ben Ferris, Alistair McCarlie, Scott Carse, John Lewis, Jocelyn Hill, Andrew Mitchell, Rory McKenna, and Gavin Pollard

Powerboat Instructors (4): John Lewis, Colin de Fleury, Rory McKenna and Richard Robinson

Assistant Instructors (5): Becky Coburn, Peter Shannon, Jonny Wilson, Ellen McCarlie and Jenna McCarlie

Volunteers (Future DIs / AIs)  Ellen Barbour, Amy Armstrong, James Corbett, Michael Rock, Nadia Taylor, Caitlin MacManus, Manon Eillis, Hannah Todd and many others who are keen to undertake this role

External resources: Senior Instructor & Powerboat Instructor : Fiona Mullan, Nigel Thompson

Website Address: www.rya.org.uk/clubs

Club Zone:  County Antrim Yacht Club / 370291