General Committee

General Committee


Commodore: Des Nixon

Vice Commodore: Paul Abraham

Rear Commodore : David Jamison


Captain: Richard Todd

1st Officer : Ian McConnell

2nd Officer : Francis Rock

Hon. Sailing Secretary: Ben Ferris

Safety Officer : Richard Robinson

Bosun : Rory McKenna

Hon.Secretary :Margaret Mooney

Hon.Treasurer: Vivienne Bishop

Hon.Membership Secretary:  Anne Cavan

Training & Admin : Sheela Lewis

Designated Safeguarding Officer : Michelle Hill

Childrens’ Welfare Officers: Sharon Allen & Paul Barbour

Junior Representative(s) : TBC

Ordinary Members (6) & 1 Post AGM

Steven Canning

Lennie Entwistle

Shane MacManus

Gavin Pollard

Claire Foster-Sharpe

Stephen Foster

Chris Livingstone (Co-opted)


Trustees of the Club (5)

John Lewis

Robert Logan

David McAughey

Rory McKenna

Harry Carse