Clubmark NI

Top Marks for County Antrim Yacht Club

County Antrim Yacht Club (Whitehead) has achieved RYANI ClubMark accreditation. RYANI, Chief Operating Officer – Ronnie Browne presented the ClubMark Plaque at the Club’s Annual Prizegiving in November 2012. (Read more…)

Only the 2nd Sailing Club in N.Ireland to be awarded.

John and Sheela Lewis attended a SportNI hosted event for all ClubMark accredited Clubs who achieved this key award in 2012 – 2013. Held at Ravenhill Rugby Ground, there were presentations by Sport NI, VolunteerNow.

Sycerika McMahon (Ireland’s No.1 Swimmer) presents ClubMark Awards








ClubMark NI Accreditation

1. Effective Management

This is a key characteristic of a successful sports club. Clubs that are managed effectively are more likely to be successful, characterised by openness and good communication, and compliance with effective and efficient policies and procedures. Well managed clubs understand the importance of creating effective partnerships, will be committed to ongoing development, and will implement measures to ensure that the club will continue to progress and to retain quality standards. Well managed clubs will also effectively manage their volunteers in a manner worthy of the commitment they give to the club.

2. Quality Coaching and Competition

These are central to the success of any sports club. Coaches play a key role in the creation of a suitable environment for coaching and competition, and in the design and delivery of an appropriate coaching programme. Clubs should take their lead from their sport’s governing body and should be compliant with their guidelines.

To facilitate the development of children and young people, a club’s playing programme should consider the Lifelong Involvement in Sport and Physical Activity (LISPA) Framework The framework supports the delivery of appropriate coaching and competition and the creation of pathways to provide children and young people with opportunities to maximise their potential in any chosen sport or physical activity.

3. Safety in Sport

Sports clubs should have a commitment to provide appropriate and enjoyable sporting activities in safe environments. To ensure that this is the case, considerations and actions to promote safety in sport must be fundamental to all of the activities undertaken by your club. Key safety issues for clubs should include: safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults; codes of conduct; venue and equipment; first aid; accidents; incidents; and medical information.

Download the Clubmark NI Minimum Operating Standards